Toiminta-ajatuksenamme on palvella suomalaisia yrityksiä verkossa joustavasti sekä tehokkaasti.

Found 3 lenders

Max amount Min amount Max term
€ 2100
Hae lainaa
€ 10 -
€ 2250
Hae lainaa
€ 20 7-60 day
€ 10000
Hae lainaa
€ 1000 24-60 month

Sanelma Heiskanen

Palvella’s innovative therapies are designed to target with high specificity the underlying genetic cause driving the disease process, and in doing so maximizing the therapeutic impact for patients.  Our therapeutic approaches are tailored specifically to a target rare disease and can involve either novel mechanistic approaches or optimizing existing molecules with well-accepted therapeutic mechanisms into high unmet need rare diseases.                   

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