Found 3 lenders

Max amount Min amount Max term
€ 2100
Hae lainaa
€ 10 -
€ 2250
Hae lainaa
€ 20 7-60 day
€ 10000
Hae lainaa
€ 1000 24-60 month

Olivia Lipponen

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Naimi Ollila

We Interrupt Your Omphaloskepsis With This Week’s Quiz!

A Unit of the Division of Information Technology
Hemminki Järveläinen

The Hackathon is being organized by the OpenPOWER Foundation Academic Workgroup, in collaboration with Virginia Tech faculty from Advanced Research Computing, and the IBM Systems Client Experience Center. The event takes place between April 19 and May 3, 2019. The initiation and problem statement will be shared on Friday, April 19 (Hackathon Launch Day). Hackers will have two weeks to work independently. The Hackathon will end with power hackers submitting projects to be presented and judged on the Hackathon Awards Day, Friday, May 3, 2019.

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